Author: The Flemingo

Labyrinthine Views

labyrinthineI take a breath, step out of the elevator, and there it is: people, in candlelight, walking slowly on white paths painted on a blue background on canvas. Though it looks like a maze, I remember from the Times article that walking this type labyrinth does not involve choices. If one trusts and follows, one goes into the center and comes out again. No fuss. No muss.

I look around for someone to ask what to do. (That sounds so silly to me now.) Thank-you, God, there is no one to ask. There is a brochure, so I find a place to read it and discover simple suggestions like pausing before you enter and a reminder to make room as those going in come face-to-face with those going out.

I remove my shoes and watch for a while. There is such a gentle energy here. Such a contrast from the …