Getting Rid Of Skin Tags Takes Patience

skintagsHaving a skin tag on your body is far less glamourous than having a beauty mark or freckle splashed across your skin. Beauty marks and freckles are generally sought after, not shunned like skin tags are. Skin tags are seen as unsightly and should be removed. While they are harmless and benign in their own way, there is no mistaking the fact that they are less than loved and those who have them on their bodies generally look for ways to remove them.

The options for skin tag removal are plentiful but many people prefer to use a skin tag removal cream. These creams have been quietly taking the market by storm as they boast of their natural ingredients and their skin-safe compounds. Some options for skin tag removal, like freezing, can kill the surrounding skin if you aren’t careful. With creams, they are designed to work on the skin tag from the root by being applied to the skin tag itself and then working from within to kill the cells and have the skin tag fall off harmlessly.

Some people worry that if they apply the cream to an unaffected area those cells will die and there will be a negative reaction. While that may certainly happen if people aren’t using the cream properly, the directions do guide the user to apply the cream to the tag itself, directly. This should avert any possible issues with the surrounding skin getting contaminated.

Because creams will generally work on the skin tag from the inside out, their removal processes tend to be more permanent than say, cutting. By cutting off the tag you cant guarantee that you will reach the true end of the stalk unless you gouge into your body which is definitely not recommended. Short of signing yourself up for surgery cutting off a skin tag yourself wont ensure you get to the true root of the issue. The same goes with threading. It is designed to kill the nerves, but you cant confirm it will never grow back.

That does happen for many people. They cut or thread to remove the skin tag and sometimes within a year the tag is back and in the same place. Your skin is a living thing that is constantly renewing its cells. Because of this, you need a fairly permanent alteration of how the cells are made in order to prevent the tags from growing back.

By using natural ingredients creams can overcome this barrier by potentially altering the state of your skins cells from the inside out. A word of caution with the skin tag creams, however, is that while the ingredients are more natural in comparison to, say, a freezing treatment, many of the creams out there have a strong smell to them. Not all smells are bad of course and some of them just smell strongly of earth or even tree, the fact is that they can be smelly. Some people prefer to apply their skin tag removal cream at night to avoid this issue when they are out and about or working. Especially if you work in a scent-free environment or if you yourself are sensitive to smells applying the cream at night can help avoid this a little bit.

Creams like Revitol skin tag remover are a safe way to remove skin tags and they are also less noticeable, according to They are gentler to use on more sensitive areas such as the face and the groin. By working from the inside out the regrowth of a skin tag in the same location is highly unlikely. They are over-the-counter products so you wont need to worry about asking? a pharmacist or getting a costly prescription from the doctor if youd like to keep the fact you have skin tags a secret from the rest of the world.

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